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Welcome to Christmas Future Donor Trust.  

ChristmasFuture Foundation has as its primary purpose to relieve poverty in the developing world utilizing the framework of the UN’s Millennium Development Goals (the “MDGs”).  The 8 MDGs are as follows:

1.         eradicate extreme hunger and poverty;
2.         achieve universal primary education;
3.         promote gender equality and empower women;
4.         reduce child mortality;
5.         improve maternal health;
6.         combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases;
7.         ensure environmental sustainability; and
8.         develop a global partnership for development.

ChristmasFuture will accomplish its purpose by:

1. Developing village plans for the coordination of aid projects (further discussed below) which incorporate the MDG for specific villages in [insert name of country/continent];

2. During the Christmas season 2007, provide information concerning the village plans and projects to North Americans for funding through an internet-based application (DonorTrust); and

3. Provide information tracking the progress of the village plan and the projects utilizing the same internet-based application. (DonorTrust)

Each village plan will be focused on a specific village and will require ChristmasFuture to liaise with community leaders in the village and development experts, building upon existing community, government and non-governmental programs in the areas of the village.  A list of projects and responsibilities will be developed which will form the village plan which will have a 5 year timeframe.

ChristmasFuture will develop an internet application to be known as “DonorTrust Technology Platform”.  This application will be accessible through ChristmasFuture’s website (  This application will allow donors to:

1. Research village plans and projects;
2. Donate to projects;
3. Learn about poverty related issues;
4. Track the progress of projects and village plans over time.

ChristmasFuture will develop and utilize both a project assessment tool and a governance assessment tool to provide comfort to donors that all posted projects and organizations have the capacity to conduct the project and are meeting an appropriate governance standard.

All reporting information regarding the project will be posted periodically to the web site and the donors and visitors may request further information if desired.

The development of the DonorTrust Technology Platform, the assessment tools and the projects will take place within a framework of the dissemination of educational materials discussing non-sustainable consumption patterns in North America and their impact upon developing nations, as well as the MDG and the causes of poverty.  The educational materials will include activities that can be undertaken by individuals and organizations to alter such consumption patterns in a manner that will assist with the alleviation of poverty in developing nations.

The Donor Trust Projects represent a decentralized community of committed volunteers working cooperatively to achieve dramatic results that none of us could achieve alone.  But not all Donor Trust volunteers are developers!  Many skills and much talent are required to manage and grow an open source organization.
Donor trust currently split into 3 projects; Donor Trust, Christmas Future Administration and Partner Administration.  Other projects may come online as needed such as a module or a utility.  As particular areas are identified, scoped and staffed they will appear as Donor Trust Projects.



How to Get Involved!  

The strength of volunteer projects comes directly from the strength of the people involved with them.  Christmas Future is fortunate to have and attract a strong community of users and developers.  We invite you to participate in our projects as much or as little as you are able.  The roles and responsibilities that you can assume are based strictly on merit... evaluated by your peers.

There are a variety of ways for you to participate. But regardless of how you choose to participate, we suggest you subscribe to any and all of the forums that interest you.  Our forums actually serve a similar function to mailing lists, allowing you to subscribe to a particular thread or all threads in a particular forum... much like a mailing list.

Use the Projects and Give Us Feedback

Using the projects, testing, reporting issues, making feature requests, et cetera, is an essential role. Your feedback helps the projects to improve and grow.  You can:

  • Download Project Files (modules, documentation, etc.)
  • Subscribe to User Oriented Forums (keep up with what's going on)
  • Participate in User Oriented Forums (ask questions, offer help, report issues, request enhancements)

Contribute Code Patches or Documentation

To quote Cameron Wiley, of Apache's Jakarta project...
"Opensource doesn't improve by advocacy, mindshare, or by having 10 million users; it improves by the participation and contribution from the user community."

In this role, you can participate in the actual development of the code at the "patch" level.  If this is the type of role you'd like to play, you can do that by hanging out in the "Developer" oriented forum for your favorite project, testing code, addressing issues locally and offering suggestions for fixing them.  If your contributions take root, you can work yourself into a project team role if that's what you have passion for.  In addition to the above, you can:

  • Participate in Development Forums (identify issues, offer solutions, discuss alternatives)
  • Subscribe to the Project Issue Log (receive notice when issues are updated)
  • Contribute Documentation or Other Deliverables (if you've done something interesting, it might find a home with other project files)

By submitting a patch, documentation or any other contribution you signify your understanding and acceptance that it remains under the license of Christmas Future and attest to your rights to submit the contribution. Or... in plain English... you're saying that you have the legal right to give it to us and that it isn't somebody else's property.
Apply to Join a Project Team

Each Project Team has a Lead and team members.  The Team Lead is responsible for assembling and managing their team and orchestrating the advancement of their Project.

Being a member of a Project Team is a big step.  Team Members have access to the Project's source code repository, private discussion and download areas.  In order to join a Project Team, you'll need to contact that teams Lead and determine what their individual needs and criteria are.  Some Projects are large and complex, some small and straightforward... but all require a written Contributor License Agreement.  This agreement simply puts in writing the same terms described above, but is required "in writing" to gain access to the Project source code repository and other resources.

What are we looking for in a Project Team member?

  • Responsibility ~ Don’t apply if you can't afford to commit a few hours a week to participating.  Team Members are expected to actively contribute to their forums and to the project development and Issue management.  Specific responsibilities are up to the Team Lead, so you can work out your level of contribution with them.

  • Attention to Detail ~ Quality is a priority.  We need developers who actually test, testers who are thorough and tech writers who can write for Users and Developers.  The Issue Logs for the Projects are open to public view, but are maintained solely by the Project Team Members.  And documentation, help and user experience are valuable aspects of all projects.

  • Teamwork ~ We work as a team.  This means that sometimes there is frustration because one person or another KNOWS they have the right answer if everyone would just listen!  However, the Christmas Future meritocracy works partly because of our commitment to work collaboratively through issues to find the right answers.  This sometimes slows things down a bit, but the end results prove better and more robust.  If you can't convince your teammates of the appropriateness of a solution, there's more work to be done... either on the solution or the problem definition.

  • “Problem Solvers” ~ We are specifically looking for that 1 person in 10 that finds ways to get it done, and we specifically want to avoid those 9 people in 10 that look for reasons why something can’t get done.

If it is your goal to become a Christmas Future Core Team Member.  You must first begin as a Project Team Member.  You'll gain a little insight on what it’s like to work "from the inside" and we'll get a chance to know you a little better...